Refurbished Phones

What is a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones are devices that have been used before. The interior and exterior is included. The phone is cleaned, of course we tackle the hardware of the second hand phone. Where necessary, the phone will be equipped with new parts. When reviewing the phone, we always replace the battery. This gives you the guarantee that the device functions as new.


After a revamp of our experienced specialists, the refurbished smartphones are again as good as new. This way you get a perfectly working phone, which is not of new distinguishable.
In this way we at give the phones a second life and also a plus is that everyone can enjoy more expensive smartphones at a much lower price.
It’s a pure win-win situation! You’ll save hundreds of euros and it’s also better for the environment.

Where does the term refurbished come from?

Refurbished or “overhauling” is checking and, if necessary, correcting machines or documents. With us this means checking and correcting telephone sets!
The operation, battery life and software have been checked. All non-working parts are replaced with new parts. This gives you a device with a brand new display and any enclosure (if needed). A refurbished phone also works just as much as a new phone, and is not distinguishable from a new device.
For many refurbished providers, you cannot order refurbished appliances without a subscription. On the other hand, Jparts sells loose appliances. This allows us to cater for both private and business customers!

Our refurbished appliances are available at JPARTS in the following

  1. New State Devices: very simple, these are completely renewed with original parts. Screen, enclosure and battery are replaced so you have the experience as if you bought the device new in the store. These look completely like NEW.
  2. A Grades (almost new): These handsets are almost new but are 100 original. These have small scratches on the front glass and/or on the casing. A grades have no dents in the frame and here may have been the screen replacement depending on device. Jparts chooses quality and will always use original parts when restoring.
  3. B Grades (slight Traces of use): Are devices where you see slight traces of use, these devices may contain small dents and/or have deeper scratches in the screen and/or the enclosure here may have been the screen replacement depending on device. Jparts chooses quality and will always use original parts when restoring.

All our refurbished appliances come standard with the following;

  • Custom Phone box
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Charger
  • Sim Pin

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As good as new refurbished phones Turnhout

If you have a focus on the environment, it makes sense that you choose a second-hand phone. Why would anyone need a new smartphone? If you choose phones refurbished turnhout and surroundings, you also help yourself in addition to the environment. Ordering a used appliance can save you hundreds of dollars. Plus, with a refurbished phone turnhout that you order from Jparts, you know that it’s a reliable device. All the phones we sell are thoroughly reviewed. Rather, they do not go to the customer. You can rely entirely on that.

Refurbished phone turnhout from inside and outside reviewed

Maybe it feels a bit odd to choose one of the refurbished phones in Turnhout and surroundings. Are you going to use a device that has been with someone else at home? We guarantee that you will not notice anything. First, we make the phone thoroughly clean. The hardware is also tackled. Sometimes it’s about phones that are as good as new. There are people who prefer to buy a new device every year. You can benefit from that. If there are parts broken, we will signal that and these are obviously replaced. The parts we place are directly from the factory. So we know for sure that the quality is more than good. We do not use intermediary suppliers.

All phones refurbished Turnhout quick and easy to order

Did you saw on the site a nice iPhone that you are interested in? Are you looking for a model and don’t see it on the site of Jparts? In Both cases we are happy to help you. If you want to purchase a refurbished phone Turnhout, you can simply order it online. This is self-evident. The delivery time is about 3-9 working days. If you buy a second-hand model with us, you have one year warranty. Looking for a specific model and not discovering it on the site? Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities. Chances are we can offer you what you’re looking for anyway.